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Cleaning Procedures

We all understand how important cleanliness and hygiene is, not just in the current pandemic, but always. So I'd like to briefly provide some information on my cleaning process so you have a better understanding, not just in regards to ensuring your equipment has been cleaned properly, but in general.

From my research, I have found it is not good enough to simply be wiping down your equipment with alcohol. Given that viruses move through the air, there is potential for the virus to attach itself to the inside of the regulator. But DON'T WORRY, neither viruses or bacteria can escape my cleaning process.

Instead of simply wiping down the mouth piece, I soak my equipment in a chlorine solution.


The reason chlorine is such a good hospital grade anti viral product is because, first and foremost it is SAFE. It is used to PURIFY DRINKING WATER, it is used to clean the POOL WATER we swim in, and it produces a product used in HOSPITAL GRADE TERMINAL CLEANING. When chlorine is added to water, It produces a byproduct known as hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid formed when chlorine (Cl) dissolves in water and dissociated to hypochlorite (ClO–) which is the oxidising disinfectant in bleach. It is widely known, and used, to kill viruses and sanitise almost anything.

Upon arrival at our dive site the first thing we do is place the equipment into the chlorine solution to soak for 10 - 15 minutes while we have our dive briefing, this ensures the equipment is properly sanitised before use.

After use, I repeat the process before allowing the equipment to thoroughly dry before storing it away until my next course or dive.

For more information please click this Link to the Australian Government Department of Health.

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