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Boat Diving

Boat diving is a great way to gain access to locations you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Fortunately, in Sydney there are many beautiful sites with an abundance of life, within 10 to 15 mins from our marina. Dive sites vary depending on the conditions of the day, however, if you have a request please contact me to discuss your options. Alternatively, boat charters are also available with a maximum capacity of 5.

Dive sites include, but are not limited to areas from Bondi to Longreef and everywhere in between.

Some of our popular site are:

The Apartments

Old Mans Hat

Blue Fish Point


The Gap

Tumbledown Reef

Contact me to set a date or for more information on a site that will suit your Desire.


1 Dive $175 (all equipment)

            $120 (tanks and weights)

      $90 (no equipment)

2 Dives $250 (all equipment)

             $180 (tanks and weights)

         $130 (no equipment)

Boat Charters

1 dive $450 (no equipment)

2 dives $650 (no equipment)

Get In Touch

Sydney, Australia \\ Tel / WhatsApp: +61 0478 819 286

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